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Diamond Bianca entered the diamond stone and jewelery industry in 2001 as a wholesaler and manufacturer. In addition to meeting the diamond stone needs of the jewelery stores in the region, it produces its own special collections by closely following the world trends. 

Since the day it was founded, Diamond Bianca, acting with the principle of "The Difference is in the Details", bases its quality policy on this principle. Its aim is to provide consistent and quality service in a way that ensures continuous customer satisfaction and to raise its standards without interruption. 

The company, which established the Detayart Gemmology Academy in cooperation with Dokuz Eylül University (DGA) with the idea that education is a must to make a difference in competition,  provides diamond specialization trainings.

DGA Diamond Laboratory has added a new one to its services, which is a true miracle of nature, examining diamonds and diamond jewelery with its state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff and certifying them according to international standards  .

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